The Employment Screening Checklist Check-Up

You’ve set up your screening program several years ago but haven’t thought much about it since. With all the changes in the screening industry, your reports may not be as comprehensive or complaint as they should. Here are the top 5 reasons employers should regularly review their background screening program.


Reason #1: Determine what is working with your screening program and what’s not.

The screening industry is always evolving and new products and services are regularly entering the market. If you haven’t completed an annual evaluation with your current screening provider to review your current products and services, you could be missing out on better and more cost-effective options. You could also be missing out on additional products your screening provider offers. For example, if you’re using one company for background checks and another to manage your company’s drug screening program, you could be doing extra work and paying more for it. Bringing all services under one umbrella increases time efficiencies and savings.


Reason # 2: A program evaluation unveil potential cost savings. 

Like the example above demonstrates, the biggest benefit of conducting a program review is that you could find cost savings in unexpected areas. For instance, did you know that all mandated fees across all jurisdictions, courts and states are the same for everyone? However, some companies mark up mandated fees and pass them along to customers. Other companies may provide initial pricing that seems great, but upon a close review of the monthly invoices, additional fees and charges are added that were not initially disclosed. Ask your current provider for the most updated list of mandated fees and compare them to another provider’s records to ensure you’re not being overcharged.


Reason # 3: A program evaluation can lead to time efficiencies

By evaluating your program internally and with your screening provider, you may find there are areas and services that can save your team time. If your company is using an applicant tracking or HRIS enterprise system like iCISMS, Workday, Virtus, ADP, etc., you may find that integrating your screening company with your enterprise platform is ideal. Another example is applicant self-ordering features. Most companies will have a feature that takes the ordering process out of your hands and place it on the applicant to provide the required information to conduct a background check. AmericanChecked offers two such services: Applicant Direct and Applicant Direct Plus. Both customizable options are ideal for companies who want to improve the onboarding and screening applicant experience and turnaround time.


Reason # 4: Increase a program’s capacity to conduct a critical self-assessment and plan for the future.

Like background screening, the Human Resources and Licensing worlds are always evolving. Today’s hiring managers are faced with the daunting task of finding both qualified candidates who are also a cultural fit for the workplace. From lengthy interview processes with team members to personality assessments, employers go to great lengths to find the best fit for their organization. But what happens when a criminal report comes back clean, but that employee could still be a liability in other ways? In terms of addressing long-term suitability, few searches can provide the insights that a social media search can provide. By using an accredited screening company to conduct these searches, not only are you receiving the deepest insights about a candidate, but you’re also avoiding potential lawsuits for FCRA and EEOC violations. Social media screening reports flag items that fall within four categories of business-related content and strip out all other protected class information. By incorporating such searches, employers are more likely to find best match for their company while circumnavigating potential cultural clashes.


Reason # 5: A program review can lead to better compliance

Keeping up with the ever-changing local, state and nationwide regulations on what can and can not be included in an application for hire or background screening report can be taxing. Working with an accredited screening company and conducting an annual review of your program can highlight areas that should be addressed. For example, adverse action processes are the most commonly missed step by employers in the hiring process, but it’s also one of the most vital. Some screening companies can help maintain adverse action compliance by providing templates of the notices. Ask yourself: is your current provider sending you regular legislative updates? Do they provide a 50-state compliance guide? Do they provide insight on Ban the Box legislation and Salary Bans? Is your screening provider accredited? Do they offshore personal identifying information on US candidates? Have they ever had an FCRA lawsuit filed against them? All of these questions should help take stock of your employee background check program and ensure that your organization – and provider – are compliant with the current legislative landscape.


AmericanChecked has put together a no-nonsense 20 question checklist to help you review both your current program and current provider. The guide is free and can be used at any time, whether you’re looking to make a change or want to ensure that you’re doing everything you can in your current program.


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