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The Social Media Screening Report is a key component to keep your employees and company reputation safeguarded against potential hostility, harassment, negligence and the risk of bad publicity while circumventing the hazards of conducting social media reviews in-house. We offer two options for social media screening: Social Media Essentials Report and the Social Media Comprehensive Report

Both of our screening options are the only FTC-reviewed, FCRA-compliant social media reports on the market that flags four categories of business-related online behavior.


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  • Racism/Intolerance
  • Potentially Violent Behavior
  • Sexually Explicit Conduct
  • Potentially Illegal Behavior


  • Consumers are holding companies more accountable than ever before for the online behavior of employees.
  • 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates.
  • Of the companies that are conducting social media checks, 95% of them are done internally.
  • In a 2011 FTC Opinion Letter, social media can be applied in employment decisions, reports ARE consumer reports and the FCRA applies.

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In today’s always connected society, consumers are holding companies to ever-increasing higher standards, including the online presence of an organization’s employees. Remember the students who had their admission to Harvard rescinded based on the content of a private Facebook group? Or the canceling of the show Roseanne after mass public outcry against a tweet made by Roseanne Barr? After the events in Charlottesville, Twitter users outed the identities of Unite the Right rally attendees and the companies they worked for, collectively demanding that individuals be fired.

Whether it’s a new hire or an annual re-check, conducting a social media background check can circumvent unforeseen issues that could cause damage to your company’s reputation and extra work for your public relations team.

However, conducting your own in-house social media check has its own inherent risks. When companies DIY a social media search, they are opening themselves up to potentially viewing protected class information that should not affect hiring decisions.

Protect your organization, employees and customers by adding our FCRA-compliant Social Media Screening Reports to your background check program.

Social Media Screening Benefits & Easily Avoided Risks

1 in every 10 social media screens come back flagged with a potential workplace safety issue.


  • A social media report can reveal a range of behaviors that should be considered when evaluating a candidate
  • Maintain your company’s well-earned reputation
  • Save time and money spent on DIY searches
  • Flags content that falls only within 4 business-related categories



  • Avoid a potentially hostile work environment
  • Avoid potential public social media backlash based on comments of employees
  • Avoid potential lawsuit by exposing your company to FCRA violations by viewing protected class information

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I breaking the law by doing my social media screenings in-house?

You could be! From hiring managers to HR directors to CEOs, you are putting your company at risk if you are “Googling” your candidates in-house by potentially violating privacy laws and viewing protected class information. Best practice is to have a third party conduct social media screenings.


How do you know you are looking at the correct person online?

Trained analysts use matching criteria to identify your candidate correctly. Whether the information and the subject are a “match” is determined by combinations of provided information. For example, an email address is considered a primary identification source. First and last name must be combined with other provided information for a positive match such as date of birth, education information or employment history.

Do I need to get consent to run a social media screening?

YES. This is mandatory per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. A template can be provided or your legal counsel may add language to your existing consent forms.

Can I review more of my candidates’ profiles than just the red flagged content that was found?

A best practice is to never review your candidates’ social media profiles internally. Analysts review content for examples of potential workplace safety, hostility, harassment, or bullying issues. To avoid a lawsuit, you need objective, consistent, and documented procedures to demonstrate information found online is a valid predictor of job performance and used fairly.

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