Businesses and nonprofits rely on many people to complete the work that takes place. Many companies implement background checks and use employee and volunteer screening processes to protect visitors, clients, employees, and property.  However, many organizations don’t have continuous monitoring in place.

Along with background checks, another measure of safety for companies to implement is continuous monitoring. It is an extra layer of protection that happens on a consistent basis. This alerts your team of any potential threats from employees even after their initial background check.

What is Continuous Monitoring?

Continuous Monitoring is different from standard background screenings because it is not bound by a typical re-screening timeline of 12, 24, or 36 months. It eliminates potentially dangerous gaps in screening schedules through ongoing monitoring. It alerts companies each month when there is a reportable change in employee or volunteer criminal record history.

While re-screening provides a deep-dive background check after hiring, Continuous Monitoring provides an extra layer of security between those regular re-checks. There is no guarantee that someone won’t commit an offense while already employed at an establishment. If they commit a crime, and continuous monitoring is not in place, it could be months or even years later that the business learns about it. This could potentially expose your people to great risk.

Above all, keep your company safe without waiting for an annual recheck. Continuous monitoring provides monthly re-screens for any risks associated with an employee or volunteer, reducing potential threats to your organization. You can remove dangerous people or situations before it’s too late.

3 Real-Life Ways Continuous Monitoring Helps

1. Updates the Criminal Record

Let’s say your company does its due diligence and runs a background check on a new employee named Caleb, prior to hiring him. This screening included criminal and arrest records, and nothing was revealed.

Caleb was hired and was a great employee for the first few years. But after a while, his temper becomes violent. He’s able to hide it at the office but gets in a fight at a local ball game. Caleb receives an assault charge and now has a criminal record, but he keeps this from his supervisors at work.

Your company could avoid a potentially dangerous situation at work with Caleb if continuous monitoring is in place. You’ll be alerted of his original conviction and be able to take immediate action.


2. Updates Regarding Sexual Assault

What if your company works with children? Let’s say one of your staff members was screened prior to being able to work there. This is crucial when it comes to working with children.

However, during the course of their first year, there is a sexual assault on the employee’s record that could easily go unnoticed without continuous background screening. That person could potentially continue being around children at your workplace without anybody knowing the wiser until the annual re-screen.


3. Updates to Driving History

Let’s say some of your employees drive company vehicles as a major component of their job. The organization runs a background check of motor vehicle records prior to hiring your drivers. Danny’s record comes back clean, with a flawless driving history.

After two years of employment, Danny gets in a crash with multiple cars. He was intoxicated and most likely caused the accident.

If continuous monitoring is in place, you will be alerted of employees’ DUIs and other major traffic violations between MVR re-checks.

It’s important to stay in the know regarding your staff and volunteers to protect everyone involved. It also assures your company’s reputation is intact and can save money and headaches. Another important aspect is that it encourages accountability and deters harmful criminals from attempting to infiltrate the organization.

How Does Continuous Monitoring with AmericanChecked Work?

AmericanChecked’s Rapid Renewal is the easiest and fastest way to run a thorough re-check. Bundled with CrimAlert Continuous monitoring, you’ll receive the background check as well as the monthly monitoring that provides a stop-gap between the initial background check from onboarding and the regularly scheduled re-check.

The records searched on a monthly basis include:

  • Nationwide Criminal Databases
  • Department of Corrections (DOC)
  • Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)
  • Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Major Traffic Violations (DUI, DWI, Suspended License, etc.)
  • Sex Offender Registry


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