AmericanChecked will be Presenting at NAGRA: Closing the Gaps on your Background Checks

On June 7, join us at the North American Gaming Regulators conference as Greg Natale, Channel Partner Manager presents “Closing the Gaps: How to get the most out of your background check process.” This 45-minute information-packed session will cover the common pitfalls businesses make in the background screening process and how to fill in those gaps with the right reports and products.

Not all background checks are created equal and pull the information you need. Are you running a county when you should be ordering a statewide? Are you relying more on a nationwide search than you should be? Does your background check process include continuous monitoring and complete verifications? This presentation will answer all these questions and provide actionable takeaways that can be implemented immediately.

This presentation is part of the 2022 NAGRA conference in Portland, Maine at the Westin Portland Harborview. The conference brings together agencies that regulate gaming activities and provides them a forum for the mutual exchange of regulatory information and techniques. Collecting and disseminating regulatory and enforcement information, procedures, and experiences from all jurisdictions provides on-going gaming education and training for all members.

NAGRA closing the gaps on background checks
About AmericanChecked
AmericanChecked is a leading, nationally accredited consumer reporting agency, specializing in background and reference checks, drug and alcohol screening and fingerprinting as well as employee and vendor licensing and employment verifications. The AmericanChecked team is detailed, inquisitive and committed to providing you with timely, accurate reports. We continuously review, update, automate and work smarter to meet and exceed your goals. We are strategically built to innovate quickly and precisely, delivering solutions with agility.