Workforce Management System Integrations

In today’s marketplace, it is essential to be flexible, dedicated and creative. That is why AmericanChecked has chosen to form strategic partnerships with several Human Resource Information Service (HRIS) and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) providers.

Unlike most of our competitors who merely interface with software providers, we offer true integrations with the best workforce management systems in the industry. While the terms are similar, they are worlds apart in practice.

From allowing applicant entry, automating onboarding and employee lifecycle tasks to the capturing and storing of online signatures on required documents, the AmericanChecked integration systems provide you with tools to make your process faster, interactive and more efficient.

Through a unique, forced process, we ensure compliance with federal, state (and if applicable, tribal) regulations.

AmericanChecked seamlessly integrates so you can order all of your background screening reports from the same system—and we have vetted and partnered with firms from the general to specialized markets. In fact, we are the premier provider of the leading applicant tracking and licensing solutions customized to meet the specific needs of Tribal Gaming.

As an AmericanChecked client, you will appreciate the difference between a cobbled-together interface and a carefully designed integration.

We are integrated with HotlinkHR, iCIMS, MUNIS, VIRTUS, HRSmart, Merydyan Technologies and, to name a few.Call us at 800-975-9876 to inquire about ongoing integration projects.

Strategic Partnerships

We understand that client needs are not all the same—and we have a diverse set of specialized and unique solutions.

We recognize our core competencies and deliver complete, innovative workplace solutions to fulfill our mission. When we identify a client need that falls outside of our core competency, we vet and partner with companies who are as good at what they do as we are at what we do. We invest in our partnerships—our partnership relationship starts, not stops, with the signed agreement.

In addition to our integrated fingerprinting solution for Federal Criminal Records, our integrated Drug Testing program and our proprietary TribalTRAC solution, AmericanChecked provides integrated tools that are above the industry norm.

  • Do you need an identity authentication solution? We have a solution that uses patented algorithms to access the most robust identification library and the latest biometric technologies through a cloud-based SaaS model.
  • Do you or any of your divisions require employees to have badges? We have a solution.
  • Do you need pre-employment talent assessment testing and workforce management? We have the premier solution as well as customized tools for Tribal Gaming.


Our partnerships are driven by our clients’ specialized needs. Call us at 800-975-9876 for more information about the proprietary and strategic solutions offered by AmericanChecked that will meet all of your needs.

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