1 – 12-hour turnaround

Employment Credit Report

AmericanChecked goes directly to the Credit Bureau to obtain Employment Credit Reports. These reports include:

  • Trade accounts which include the number of open accounts the individual has in place (loans, credit cards, etc.)
  • Satisfactory accounts include the number of trade accounts that are paid according to agreed-upon-terms
  • Delinquent accounts include the number of accounts that are paid late or have been charged off
  • Collections include the number of accounts that have not been paid and are in collection
  • Total counts for each category are displayed and the details of each individual account follow in the body of the report
  • Public records include the number of public records on the report (bankruptcies, tax liens, civil judgments)
  • In some cases, the subject’s past employers may be included on the report
1 -12-hour turnaround

Consumer Credit Report

The Consumer Credit Report provides current and comprehensive credit information obtained by searching a national, online database of over 200 million consumer credit files. This scored report is a clear, concise and straightforward providing credit-granting decision support. Information is continuously updated and uses advanced database search techniques.

Please note:  a Consumer Credit Report cannot be used for employment screening purposes.

1 – 12-hour turnaround

Expanded Business Profile Report

AmericanChecked provides access to the most complete and up-to-date information on more than 110 million businesses. This report will provide:

  • A more complete, updated and consistent view of any business
  • Comparative industry benchmarks of business performance
  • The predictive likelihood of a business’ future opportunity and risk

If you decide, based on the report, that you wish to do business with the vendor, individual background screening reports can then be ordered on the principal(s)/officer(s) and/or representative(s).

Turnaround Varies by Country

International Credit Report

Where available, AmericanChecked provides international access to Credit Reports. For information on a specific country of interest, call us at 800-975-9876.


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