AmericanChecked Announces New Rapid Renewal Program to Help Businesses Bounce Back Fast


AmericanChecked has launched a Rapid Renewal program for its current customers to re-screen employees as they re-join the workforce. The Rapid Renewal is a special rate, discounted renewal package that includes a current county check, a Nationwide Plus search, and an SSN Track Report.  


From soft openings to throwing the doors wide open, businesses will need to get their workforces back up and running as quickly as possible to meet the demand of consumers who have been stuck inside for months.

AmericanChecked’s Rapid Renewal package is specifically designed to expedite the re-screening process at a discounted rate.


Do I need to run background checks on furloughed employees?

There are actually several reasons to consider re-screening your furloughed employees.

  1. Being cooped up and bored can lead to doing crazy things.
  2. Rescreening employees and volunteers once a year is considered to be an industry best practice, but one that is often overlooked. Annual background checks keep up with important changes in employees’ lives, uncover criminal activity that may have transpired since onboarding and used to scrutinize employees who are taking on new responsibilities.
  3. When companies don’t rescreen employees, they could face liabilities and dangers that may come as a complete surprise.

Covid 19 background screening employees renewal checks



We have so many people coming back, rescreening everyone will be a hassle.

AmericanChecked offers bulk upload ordering services so processing renewals is as easy as the push of a button. Additionally, AmericanChecked has 100+ integrations including those with the top HRIS platforms. Integrating applicant hiring and onboarding systems with AmericanChecked allows HR teams to conduct all their necessary compliance work in one spot without jumping from platform to platform.  

Why should I run only a single county search on a renewal?

If you have already completed a multi-county background search that used the information from an address locator report as a pointer file during the pre-employment screening process, then a single county search of the current address is ideal for a renewal background check for several reasons. The first is that the multi-county due-diligence as already been completed. It is unlikely that another multi-county background check is needed as most criminal activity is committed where a person currently lives. The second benefit is the cost savings. And lastly, by conducting regular re-checks on employees, you’re able to keep up-to-date records and catch any criminal activity that may have transpired since the initial hire date.


When you couple the current county search with a Nationwide Criminal Database and Multi-State Sex and Violent Offender Search, like we’ve packaged together with the Rapid Renewal program, you’ll receive a complete and comprehensive report suitable for post-pre employment annual screening.


How long will the background check take?

Typically, our reports are completed and returned within 72 hours. However, with several courts being closed or operating with limited hours due to COVID-19, some delays are possible. It also doesn’t mean that you won’t receive information back in a timely manner. Some courts and jurisdictions are still available online and are returning results.


When courts re-open, they will have a backlog of orders. AmericanChecked recommends placing your background check orders now so your reports will be at the front of the line to be processed. We update our COVID-19 Court Delay List daily. Check it often for the most up-to-date information regarding the status of the courts in your area.

 For more information about the Rapid Renewal program email or schedule a consultation directly.

About AmericanChecked

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