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AmericanChecked Launches New Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Solution


Tulsa, Okla. – AmericanChecked Inc., a nationally accredited, Native/woman-owned company based in Tulsa, Okla., has launched a new applicant tracking system (ATS), adding to its already impressive lineup of products and services. AmericanChecked ATS is a robust system that streamlines finding, hiring and onboarding processes that rivals the larger systems on the market at a fraction of the price.


“Our new ATS system addresses a need in the market for companies who are looking for a well-rounded system they can begin using immediately for hiring and onboarding their applicants while not breaking the bank,” said Julie Hakman, AmericanChecked President and CEO. “We’ve put a lot of work into developing a system that has an incredible amount of features to make the hiring process easier while still maintaining a price point that is cost-effective.”

AmericanChecked ATS

With a click of a button, open positions are posted on all major job boards and social media sites. Candidates on the go can apply via their smartphones with customizable 90-second Video Interviewing. Instant Job Alerts will immediately notify qualified candidates when a position opens up for them. AmericanChecked ATS is fully integrated with AmericanChecked’s screening services and products, including civil and criminal records, drug and alcohol screening, fingerprinting, social media hiring reports, credit checks and verification and reference services.


“It’s really incredible how many features AmericanChecked ATS has and the added value we’ve been able to build into this system,” Hakman said. “By offering our own applicant tracking system solution, we are able to maintain, add and service integrations with other systems, while providing another option for those who don’t have a current solution but need a way to simplify current processes.”

Applicant Tracking System Features:

  • Auto-post on 1,000s of job boards and receive analytics to determine job board traffic
  • Exclusive Hiring Map technology tracks each applicant’s progress
  • Customizable video interviewing
  • Instant job alerts sent to your standby talent pool
  • Automated screening, data parsing, candidate scoring, selection and distribution
  • Dashboards for quick, intuitive view of new applicants, reports and open jobs
  • Auto-distribution of qualified applications to your company’s team
  • Built-in reports customized to your specifications
  • Messaging candidates with time-date stamp tracking
  • Roles and permissions with unlimited users
  • Mobile-ready applications for on-the-go candidates
  • Offer letter generation plus documents sent in advance for more efficient onboarding


For more information visit or call 800.975-9876 to schedule a full demo.