Do you know how many FCRA certified employees are processing your background checks?

If your background screening partner is AmericanChecked the answer is:  All of them. Every single individual who touches a report has achieved, at minimum, FCRA Basic Certification by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). It is just one of the differences that makes AmericanChecked unique in the screening industry, and it goes hand in hand with our mission to provide the most reliable and compliant reports with the highest level of customer service.



What is FCRA Certification?

When an individual is awarded FCRA Basic Certification by NAPBS, they have demonstrated their personal commitment to compliance and a core understanding of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Upon joining the AmericanChecked team, every individual – no matter their role – has to achieve FCRA Basic Certification to maintain employment. This is key and a unique difference that sets AmericanChecked apart from the thousands of CRA firms in the industry. By supporting staff participation in the certification program, we are investing in both people and products as well as our commitment to compliance throughout our organization. Recertification occurs every two years.

How FCRA Certification Benefits our Clients

By investing in our employees through this certification program, we are also making a commitment to our clients to provide the best in the industry – not only with superior products but also with superior service.

The certification was developed by NAPBS to provide consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) like AmericanChecked a way to offer its employees a standard way of learning and understanding the FCRA guidelines that all employers and CRAs are required by law to follow.

The basic certification covers five key components that are vital to understanding the FCRA and properly processing reports.

  1. FCRA Basics: The basic FCRA concepts and terminology, such as “consumer report,” “consumer reporting agency,” “investigative consumer report,” “end user,” “furnisher,” etc. and some of the limitations on data that can be included in consumer reports.
  2. CRAs: The basic duties of consumer reporting agencies under the FCRA.
  3. Other Players: The basic rights and duties of end users, furnishers, resellers and consumers under the FCRA.
  4. FCRA Litigation: Consumer litigation and regulatory enforcement actions under FCRA.
  5. State Variants: Principal state law variants of the FCRA and addresses the interplay between the FCRA and state variants.


The AmericanChecked Difference

In short: we are able to provide our clients a fully informed staff who understands the rules and regulations to provide a better product, more thorough results and an enhanced overall customer experience. Not all companies are as dedicated as AmericanChecked is to service, quality and accuracy. Going above and beyond is the core of who we are, what we do and how we serve our clients. AmericanChecked’s motto is to “Make Their Day.” By incorporating FCRA Basic Certification into the foundation of onboarding and training, we are taking that extra step to ensure the highest quality and value to our customers.

This dedication is reflected in the responses of our 2018 Client Satisfaction Survey. Respondents said that they were 98% satisfied with AmericanChecked’s performance and would recommend our services to their peers. Our roots run deep when it comes to background screening with integrity. FCRA certified professionals is just one way that we will go above and beyond to make your day.