americanchecked speaking about gdpr at security surveillance forum


Julie Hakman will be presenting at the 2020 Surveillance & Security Professionals Forum at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Resort in Catoosa, OK.

Since the installment of GDPR laws, which regulates the collection, use, disclosure and processing of personal information, there has been an increased burden on businesses to raise awareness of these changes.

Julie will cover the essentials for organizations that depend on background screenings as part of their hiring process to navigate these new challenges.

The Surveillance & Security Professionals Forum is hosted by the Tribal Gaming Protection Network and ASIS International.

Julie Hakman is a recognized industry leader in the background screening industry and commercial and tribal gaming. Her involvement in background screening began in 1997 when she was recruited to launch World Gaming Network. In 2005, Julie created AmericanChecked, Inc. a nationally accredited business and exclusive provider of unique tribal licensing solutions, TribalTRAC and VendorVault.

Julie is the Past Chairman of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners and currently serves as Treasurer on the Executive Board of the Tribal Gaming Protection Network. Julie was honored by NIGA for outstanding contributions; AmericanChecked received the US Chamber’s Blue Ribbon Award for excellence in business and community involvement and was featured in Inc. Magazine.

In 2019 Julie was honored by OIGA and received the Modern Day Warrior Award for her dedicated support of Oklahoma Tribal Government Gaming. Julie is a featured speaker at numerous Gaming, Tribal, HR and Education events.

About AmericanChecked

AmericanChecked is a nationally accredited global and comprehensive background screening provider. If Goldilocks had been searching for a background check partner, she would have found AmericanChecked’s size, products and services to be just right.

Our management team represents 100+ years in the background screening industry. AmericanChecked provides a robust menu of background screening products, including comprehensive criminal searches, drug screening, motor vehicle records, fingerprinting, credit history, references, verifications, and even licensing history where applicable.

Not all background searches are created equal, and neither are our customers. We work with each client to build screening packages that are specific to their needs. Every customer is a VIP and our team of 100% FCRA-certified, customer service-focused staff is dedicated to ensuring that we “make your day” every day!