Rapid Renewal + CrimAlert Continuous Monitoring

The peace of mind of a deep-dive background check with the security of a monthly nationwide background check.

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What is the Rapid Renewal & CrimAlert bundle?

AmericanChecked’s Rapid Renewal is the easiest and fastest way to run a thorough re-check. Bundled with CrimAlert Continuous monitoring, you’ll receive the background check as well as the monthly monitoring that provides a stop-gap between the initial background check from onboarding and the regularly scheduled re-check.

But I’ve already run a background check. Why should I re-screen them?

There are actually several reasons to consider re-screening your furloughed employees.

  1. Rescreening once a year is actually considered to be an industry best practice.
  2. Annual background checks keep up with important changes in employees’ lives, uncover criminal activity that may have transpired since onboarding and are used to scrutinize employees who are taking on new responsibilities.
  3. When companies don’t rescreen employees, they could face liabilities and dangers that may come as a complete surprise.
  4. After the past few years we’ve all experienced, it’s good to remember that being cooped up and bored can lead to doing crazy things.

What does the Rapid Renewal Package include?

One County Criminal Track Report

One Nationwide Plus Search which includes:

  • Nationwide Criminal Database Search
  • SSN Search
  • Multi-State Sex Offenders Search
  • Multi-State Violent Offenders Search
  • Live Verification of Hits


What’s the difference between the Rapid Renewal and CrimAlert

The Rapid Renewal package is designed to be comprehensive and includes a County Search as well as a Nationwide Pro which includes alias names. CrimAlert Continuous Monitoring runs a Nationwide search on each enrolled individual every month.

  • Both continuous monitoring and regular rechecks are complimentary of each other.
  • The annual recheck is a deep dive at the county level that Continuous Monitoring is unable to access.
  • Continuous Monitoring is a stop-gap between the initial deep dive and the regular recheck that can flag potentially harmful behavior that can affect your organization.

What does CrimAlert search?

Once enrolled, our advanced monitoring solution monitors criminal activity on an ongoing monthly basis.

  • Records searched on a monthly basis include:
    • Nationwide Criminal Databases
    • Department of Corrections (DOC)
    • Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)
    • Department of Public Safety (DPS)
    • Major Traffic Violations (DUI, DWI, Suspended License, etc.)
    • Sex Offender Registry
  • Types of information you’ll receive:
    • Notifies of warrants, including pending disposition information
    • Pending felonies (indefinitely) or misdemeanors (up to 10 years)
    • New cases that may have been added to the database

Do I have to have both the Rapid Renewal and CrimAlert?

Not at all. You can sign up for the Rapid Renewal recheck at a discounted rate without signing up for CrimAlert Monitoring. You can also choose CrimAlert without running the Rapid Renewal Screen first at a low promotional rate.

However, you’ll save the most by taking advantage of our bundled pricing.

Is there a way to run a renewal background check on multiple employees at once?

Yes! While conducting regular renewals / re-screens of employees is a good business practice, it’s not always the most convenient. That’s why AmericanChecked offers bulk upload ordering services so processing renewals is as easy as the push of a button. When you opt-in to do both Rapid Renewal and CrimAlert, you’ll receive over 20% off in bundled savings.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

Rapid Renewal Package discounted pricing is only available for a limited time. To sign up or get more information, fill out the form or speak to one of our dedicated Client Services team members by calling 800.975.9876 or emailing info@americanchecked.com.


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Once a Clean Record, Not Always a Clean a Record

Unfortunately, insider threats like these can happen at any organization, especially nonprofits that work with vulnerable populations. Preventing harmful acts – things like abuse, embezzlement, violent crimes, and theft – is the main reason companies conduct background checks on new employees. Background checks are the single most effective tool for protecting other employees, and in this case volunteers, clients and those that you serve.


When Rescreening is the Right Move

There are concrete instances, though, where re-screening employees and volunteers is appropriate and necessary. Here’s three of them.

  1. An internal move: When employees change positions or volunteers begin serving in a new role, they will undoubtedly have different responsibilities. In some cases, they may have greater access to sensitive and financial information. Promotions may come with benefits like the use of a company vehicle or a key to the building. All of these new access points could put your organization and its people at risk if you haven’t properly rescreened the employees and/or volunteers. For example, rescreening will examine a person’s driving and criminal record and show you any new offense you may not know about.
  2. A workplace incident: It is your responsibility to ensure your company is a safe place to work. Failing to do so leaves you vulnerable to a negligence lawsuit. A workplace accident is a good indicator that an employee or volunteer needs to be rescreened. You may uncover substance abuse through a drug test. You may discover that an employee was arrested for DUI. From a liability standpoint, you will have shown due diligence in keeping your workplace safe.
  3. Unusual Behavior: If an employee or volunteer starts acting out or exhibiting otherwise odd personality changes, including, but not limited to, tardiness, rudeness and uncleanliness, it’s time for a follow-up background check.

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