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"The staff at AmericanChecked are extremely responsive and professional. They are always ready to go the extra mile for us and our employees."

-Flintco, LLC

"AmericanChecked is responsive to my requests and feedback, and they operate at the frontline of innovation and modernization for the industry. Their products and pricing are extremely competitive, and AmericanChecked is an ideal fit for the casino trade."

- Warner Gaming LLC

"Customer service is outstanding. I always know that my question or problem will be addressed immediately by the staff. Thank you so much for providing excellent service in a timely manner."

- Hired by Matrix

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Before assigning a temporary or full-time employee to a client’s office, it’s paramount that businesses check an applicant’s background for criminal history.

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Casino & Gaming

With decades of experience working with both commercial and tribal gaming institutions, we’re the leader in providing proprietary screening solutions and background check services for casinos and their vendors.

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Protecting children from predators is the number one priority. We work with school districts and universities to establish complete screening programs that dig deep.

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Our background screening solutions are shaped to your reality and are able to be customized to move you forward.

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From city governments to federal government departments, we work with every level to create a screening program that fits their specific needs.

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Hospitality & Retail

Finding the right workers for your open jobs is critical for the success of your company. Our fast and accurate reports provide insights you can trust.

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Quality Data

Make great hires, grow a great business. The quality of our background checks & our quick turnaround enable you to get the people you need on your team.

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Quick Results

You have a business to run and slow background checks impact your ability to operate.

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Specialty Screening

Complete criminal background checks, fingerprinting, Social Media Background Checks, Continuous Monitoring & industry specific packages.

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