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Social Media Report

Our reports find behaviors that fall into four categories:

  • Potentially illegal activity
  • Potentially violent conduct
  • Sexually explicit material
  • Demonstrations of racism/intolerance

Our social media reports are FCRA compliant and adhere to all state and Federal guidelines.

Motor Vehicle Report

AmericanChecked electronically accesses all 50 states' Department of Motor Vehicles (DMVs). This search provides the following details as reported by the applicable state's DMV:

  • License Validity
  • License Type (including special license verifications)
  • Vehicle Violations
  • License Restrictions
  • Suspensions and Revocations
  • Accidents and Convictions (Convictions may also appear on criminal reports in addition to or instead of MVR reports)
  • Serious infractions such as DUI, driving while suspended, reckless driving, open container and no driver license (some of this data may also appear in criminal felony and misdemeanor verifications).


CrimAlert is a highly-advanced automated screening solution that monitors criminal activity on an ongoing, monthly basis for 12 months. By providing alerts to new criminal information, employers are able to identify risk including potential workplace violence and public embarrassment through negative publicity.

Applicant Direct and Applicant Direct Plus

Applicant Direct is a simple solution that makes a big impact for busy HR professionals by allowing applicants to place their own background screening order directly with AmericanChecked.

Drug & Alcohol Screening

Our services include pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable cause and follow-up. We offer a cutting-edge, fully web-based technology solution. Coverage is national in scope.

Fingerprinting (Available in select markets)

AmericanChecked provides equipment for purchase or rent including a laptop with loaded software and Livescan™ fingerprint scanner. We also recommend using FBI fingerprint screens along with a Criminal Track Record to round out missing data from non-reporting jurisdictions and to add case dispositions.

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